This super cute gacha set by [Toiz] is available @ Indie Teepee.8th – 24th July, 2016 :


clock [Toiz] 5. 10:24 clock

table [Toiz] 3. bed table

rug [Toiz] 4. raindrop rug

frame [Toiz] 2. 10:51 frame

rain lamp  [Toiz] 7. raindrop light

bed [Toiz] 1. Raindrop bed

sky box [Toiz] 8. rain cube rare

(landmark to follow )


cat Mutresse-Interrupted-Witty Cats@The Arcade June 2016

hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kasumi @ The Crossroads Event . July 3rd 2016

Written by igotdressed

i have been doing styling in Second Life since 2012 on my blog https://igotdressed.wordpress.com/. I do female & male styling . To contact me re. blogging in Second Life send me a notecard or IM : Volupturaptor Perl

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